Wednesday, July 9, 2014


When we Jews are gone there will be no real goodness of decent morals, peace, love or happiness in the world. Why do they want to kill us? Because we have the Torah which makes them to see who they really are. We are Yehuda, which means to "Praise G-d" This alone is why we are hated weather we observe or not the law of Hashem and his Torah. No goodness only hatred and anger will remain when we ar...e gone. When terrorist people kill us they will kill each other. My dear Christians friends after us you are next then they will my dear Muslim friends kill you too because the hate will become a civil hatred and war. Oh and my Buddist friends they hate you too and my Hindu friends they hate you too. No one is loved by these terrorists. It will not stop when us Jewish people are gone. No you all are sadly mistaken! I believe in universal Love and Peace, but these terrorist do not. It is time to stop and pray and really want love and peace in your hearts. Not just talk about it but really want it and feel it. If we all do this we can create Universal LOVE AND PEACE right now! We who want this together we are powerful in stopping this now!!! I do not want or care about any comments or likes. Lets all try to think about this deeply and search in our hearts what we really want. Together we can save humanity from destruction. I'm sick of the Galus, Mammesh lets do this!!!!!!!!!!!!
Copyright (c) Israel Rubenstein
                           Original Silk Painting Copyright Rivka Sari (c) 1998