Thursday, July 3, 2014

Innocent Blood

NO words.... Please get your Metzuzos checked and Tefillin.
 Daas Torah Posted July 2nd, 2014 on Facebook this below
"Rabbi Yeruslavsky from Elad where one of the murdered boys is from visited with the Yifrach family.He related that in all 3 houses non kosher mezuzas were found and the tefillin of one of the boys was also found to be pasul.
These boys are... now in the highest levels of gan eden where even tzadikim (who didn't merit to be murdered al kidush hashem) can't reach.
But we prefer sanctifying Hashem's name by living.
There have been stories in the past where terror victims were found to have had problems with their mezuzas.
Most of the people on the hijacked plane in Entebbe for instance.
The 2 pictured below were beautiful when they were bought. The one on the left (being held by a book) was hanging in a damp place. Look at the result!
The other one I have posted about several years ago.
I was doing my weekly Friday rounds to a bunch of Jewish owned stores to put on tefillin with them or just to have a chat.
The week after new years one particular guy was very shaken up. The local thugs had celebrated their Rosh Hashana with an armed robbery.
The first thing I did was opening the mezuza which appeared to be ok at first glance.
When i expressed my wonder, he told me that the hold up had actually taken place in the store next door which was also owned by him.
This time it didn't take long to see what the problem was...
The story of the 3 martyrs has shaken up the entire Jewish world. We should not go back to sleep. Now that we know there was a problem with their mezuzas, we should make sure all our own are - kosher (need to be checked at least twice in seven years) - hanging on all doors that require one. - hang the right way/place.
And in order to add to the security of our brothers and sisters everywhere, make sure
they all have kosher mezuzas too!"
 Ari Lesser puts it simply in the video  above how I (Rivka Sari) feel right now! I cannot stop crying!!The Klal been injured to the core. How long G-d must we suffer? Bring Moshiach Now! Enough Already with the suffering!


Rebbe,oh Rebbe, we need you
Hashem,Hashem kel rachum (merciful God)
We're sick of this golus can't bear anymore, why don't you open the door?
Your children are yearning to be with you,
How long can this torture continue,

Bring us geulah fulfilling your vow, to bring Moshiach right now!
 Bring us Moshiach right Now!