Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Daddy Come Home

For all who have served , who are military brats or are now serving in either America or Israel. For all those Daddy's who did not come home too PLEASE  Hashem Please Bring ALL the Daddys Home to their Families and bring Peace with Moshiach Now!!!!

Enjoy this touching video.
For all of those who served/serving our country and those who are guarding the holy land of Israel!


Shalu Shalom Yerushalyim!
"שאלו שלום ירושלים"
Psalms 122:6

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Raising Jewish Kids.

I do not raise my children to be Jewish, I raise my Jewish children.
Amazing how confused Jewish parents are about that when it comes to their children.
One local Jewish community member says to me "I'm raising my children Jewish" and I said "Huh! I'm raising Jewish children" and she turns to me and says "WOW! That is a good point!"

No Jewish parent should ever allow any community to raise their...

Jewish children and tell them they have to be Jewish when somehow all those precious Jewish children were not born Jewish enough. WHAT?! Amazing how Jewish Parents do not understand they are raising Jewish children in their Jewish homes with their Jewish values. It all starts in the home first. Jewish Community is in the home first. Your home sets the pace for your child on if they will be Shomer Shabbos and keep Jewish values of Torah and Mitvos and someday marry someone Jewish.

Then She asks me "What about Jewish Education are they not helping parents to raise their kids to be more Jewish?"
And I said to her, "Jewish education institutions is fine as long as you understand those institutions are educating Jewish children with their Jewish values, and not educationg your children to be Jewish". She says, "I guess I need to rethink my thinker".

Make the changes you need to to give your Jewish children the Jewish community (your home) where they can be themselves as Jewish children first. Being in outside Jewish community and getting a Jewish School Education is just refining the values they should already have. Parents you have the power is in you to guide the precious Jewish childrenyou have been given to stay Jewish. After all isn't that really what you are concerned about?